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    MFW has always been known as the more traditional and conservative of the international fashion shows, however, lately, it seems as if its quickly starting to revamp its “image” by opening up to an increasing number of Asian designers on the official MFW calendar, especially the one coming up, showcasing Angel Chen to Annakiki, Riconstru…
  • Insider interview with Valentin Yudashkin
    Designers from Russia are now using fashion as a vehicle to reflect, probe and celebrate their country through a more nationalistic approach, but why?
  • Let’s be Slower, Truer, and more “Normal” for 2017
    Miucci Prada couldnt have done it better on her recent 70’s inspired menswear show AW17, stated as “almost generic” according to some media, going towards the trend direction of Slow and Anti-Fashion taking importance in the unimportance. A striking and true movement elaborating on many of things/values we lost over time.
  • It’s time for #GENERASIAN
    #Generasian- Placing China’s Millennials on a Pedestal Entering a new global movement where hiding our origins was something of the past.
  • Theres just one thing about this years new I.T Bag, it’s not a bag
    There’s just one thing about this years new I.T Bag, it’s not a bag. The new Mobile Payment trend; Only a click away to fuelling all your purchases
  • We’ve spotted some of Asia’s top designers to look out for during Fashion Week
    This season, we can really see more Asian fashion designers quickly entering the international fashion scene, some who’ve already climbed the ladder of fame to international fashion weeks while others who are just starting to peek into the complex cut throat industry.