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  • What happens behind the scenes of video production and shooting?
    With STACCATO during Shanghai Fashion Week
  • Shoe Trends to Watch for this Spring
    Do not let your footwear serve as an afterthought – this season, shoes present a crucial invitation to your personality.
  • SCATAFASHION Series 1: “It’s been dark for too long”
    “It’s been dark for too long” – Sacatfashion Series1
  • True feminism behind the bad ass womenswear label MAYA LI
    “For me, a real strong women is able to hide her strength/ power and use it to her needs”- Maya Li, Designer
  • AWGE-A$AP Rocky Announces ‘GUESS Club’
    A$AP Rocky Announces ‘GUESS Club,’ His Second GUESS Capsule Collection, an Homage to Childhood
    MFW has always been known as the more traditional and conservative of the international fashion shows, however, lately, it seems as if its quickly starting to revamp its “image” by opening up to an increasing number of Asian designers on the official MFW calendar, especially the one coming up, showcasing Angel Chen to Annakiki, Riconstru…