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  • The Future of Mixed Reality for Fashion
     Insider smart tech – mixed reality, ar, vr
  • What happens behind the scenes of video production and shooting?
    With STACCATO during Shanghai Fashion Week
  • Shoe Trends to Watch for this Spring
    Do not let your footwear serve as an afterthought – this season, shoes present a crucial invitation to your personality.
  • SCATAFASHION Series 1: “It’s been dark for too long”
    “It’s been dark for too long” – Sacatfashion Series1
  • True feminism behind the bad ass womenswear label MAYA LI
    “For me, a real strong women is able to hide her strength/ power and use it to her needs”- Maya Li, Designer
  • AWGE-A$AP Rocky Announces ‘GUESS Club’
    A$AP Rocky Announces ‘GUESS Club,’ His Second GUESS Capsule Collection, an Homage to Childhood